Download UC Browser for IOS

download uc browser for android

UC Browser is available now for IOS users. They can download UC Browser and enjoy the same features and function as Android users. UC Browser also allows the IOS users they can download the files in the cloud. UC web also enables IOS users to download the latest version of the cloud.

This program is available in English, and IOS users can use this. But if they want any other language, they can change the language from settings. The program can easily install in iPod, iPhone as well. 

Key Features of UC Browser for iPhone:

  • Completely free for IOS users as an alternative of other browsers
  • Fast browsing speed with low data usage 
  • Quick search and home cards available 
  • Compatible with IOS 4.3

The UC Browser allows the IOS user to download free without any cost. Users can also set the bookmarks with a quick search. Like Android, if you are facing a low internet connection speed, UC Browser will help you to make your browsing smooth.

IOS comes with preloaded with the safari browser. But now most users prefer UC Browser because of its smooth browsing and latest features. In IOS UC Browser compress the data and transfer it in your device as small space size file. Because the other browser is downloading the file in big size. Most of the users are facing crash and freeze issues in those browsers. That’s why UC developers add this awesome data compress technology. 

Light Browser:

The UC IOS Browser automatically accelerates the data and also transfers the rate in the cloud. It is light software with fast browsing. It is built for low-end devices and for slow connections. The efficient downloader manager with themes customizations. It uploads photos and links before you click on them. This is a very impressive and efficient benefit in this browser.

Extra Tools:

UC Browser comes with extra tools that make it a better browser. The one tool is that you can pause downloading at any time and resume when you want. In IOS UC Browser, it comes with a smart file manager. You can use this as an extension in your browser. This will help you to remove rename and delete any information from your cell phone device. It is very easy to use for any user. 

The multiple tab system of this browser is very good. You can use multiple tabs, and it will not affect your internet speed. This feature also ignores crash errors. The amazing thing is that it will load the tab with more speed that you want to use. If you are listening to songs on other tabs and you are working on other tab songs will continue in the background.

Customizable Browser:

When you use this browser and open the tab, it will show you different themes and wallpapers. In this browser, you can choose wallpapers from every tab. Whenever you open the tab, you will see the wallpaper according to your choice. Users will find the mini-games library while using the browser.

If your internet is not available, you can pass the time by play games without the internet. IOS UC Browser keeps all the information save that you are using on the browser. This includes bookmarks, search results, and all your login information. 

Safe Security and Privacy:

This browser is very light and small in size. You can download it any time free of cost. UC Browser is not harmful and dangerous for your device. You can download it without any issue, and it will not make your device slow. In fact, this browser is specially built for low devices. This browser is recommending you a very popular and useful website relate to your work. 

Live Streaming:

The live streaming on IOS UC Browser is very fast without any buffering. You can enjoy the HD result with high graphics. The pixels will not spread, and users are getting a good experience with the live stream. The browser allows you to watch your favorite TV programs. Users can enjoy the live cricket stream with slow net speed. Here you can download your favorite movies and serials too.

Download IOS UC Browser:

IOS users can download UC Browser at any time free of cost. It is very easy to download UC Browser. There are some steps you have to follow these steps, and downloading will be done.

  • First of all, download the UC browser version (compatible with IOS).
  • Find the download file from your device and tap to open it.
  • After opening the file, you need to install it on your device.
  • If you have any password on your phone, enter it after it proceeds, the setup.
  • Your IOS UC is ready for use.


1. Does UC Browser work for iPhone?

Yes, now UC Browser is working on iPhone. The latest updated version allows IOS users to enjoy all features. They can download and store the files in the cloud. UC Browser is also introducing as IOS users now. 

2. Can we download videos from UC Browser on iPhone?

With Wi-Fi availability, users can move the files easily with others. It can happen if you have the same Wi-Fi connection. Users can transfer the files downloaded by UC Browser on iPhone. And the latest update version comes with more features and easy to use. 

3. Is IOS UC Browser harmful to the device?

No UC browser is a very light application browser. It helps you to make your browsing speed better and fast. This browser takes only 20 MB space in your device. So this is not harmful to your device. In fact, UC Browser is avoiding the crash and freeze. Mostly users are enjoying this browser without any issue.

4. What is UC Mini Browser?

It is also a web app of the UC browser. It is more speedy and lighter than UC Browser. It is listed as the most popular browser in the world. It is free to download and easy to use for all users.