Download UC Browser for Android 2020

uc browser for androids

UC Browser is also a browser for android users; you can find it in the play store as well. UC Browser is a very good alternative to the many internet browsers you can find for android. But it has a simple interface with speedy browsing, and this is more than enough to enjoy surfing the web.

UC Browser has 65% market shares in China. The most enjoyable and main feature is gesture control, which is very easy to use for android users.

Because with the help of a small device, you can command this feature without any issue. In UC Browser, you can save the gesture for your favorite websites. And you can visit there again by drawing that gesture on the screen. You can switch tabs in UC Browser by using gestures. It is the best fastest browser for android users.

uc browser for android

Easy to use browser:

Most of the users are comfortable with smartphones. Because users feel easy to carry this device. There are many android users nowadays. The night mode is very helpful for you while you are browsing on UC Browser.

In daily life, people use the smartphone more than pc or laptops. So night mod providing you a relax view during browsing and watching any clip of the movie. You can browse without much light and without straining your eyes.

Something that often happens when you browse too much in bed. Your eyes start irritating with the brightness of the cell phone. The night mode is a solution that helps you to save your battery life, and this feature is free of cost. You can switch on the night mode by clicking on the menu button of the UC Browser. It can also switch on this night mod feature according to the clock time of your android device.

uc browser for android

Solid Alternative:

Another interesting feature for fast browsing is the incognito mode. Which is like chrome incognito function thanks to this browser. You can surf the internet without leaving the trail. UC is a powerful and best browser for android with some decent features. and the latest updates of this browser, making it a solid alternative.

Friendly Browser:

With the help of an android UC Browser, you can visit many sports sites. You can watch live match streams on UC Browser you can update yourself with the score on this browser. It allows you to share memes and gifts with your friends via what’s app groups. That you can also save on your smartphone. The fast android UC Browser allows you to download videos.

You like on to your device without any other downloading software. No matter where you are, UC Browser helps you to enjoy funny videos without the internet. There are some other functions in this browser. Such as fast UC downloading data saving and ads block functionality. There are some cricket channels on UC Browser as well for your good experience.

Variety of emojis & stickers:

Emojis and stickers are available on UC Browser. It added a new page and channels of videos, status, and stickers for users. There are massive bundles of stickers and emojis. That you can share with your friends on different social media sites. Like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, and Twitter.

Upgraded Web Browsing:

It for android users using a u4 engine. It is performing a 20% more improvement in fast web browsing. Standard support, live streaming, and storage management in comparison with the latest version. One better feature is a small window mode that enables the video window to be move apart from the web page.

And you can hangout it on your top of the screen. It can be use when you are chatting with your friends, shop online, and take part in any other activities. With the android UC Browser, data will be compressed with speeds up navigation. That help you to save a lot of traffic data. UC Browser always finds a way to boost your network speed.

As a being android browser, UC Browser is taking a low space in your smartphone. Because this is a very light and speedy App for android users. This browser is considering being the number one browser in Asia. The mini version of UC Browser is especially for android users.

That is a very well design and friendly interface. It can be use almost anyone with fast and uninterrupted browsing. UC Browser is also updating time to time for your good experience. The mini version of UC Browser is only taking 20 MB space on your cell phone.

You are allowed to enable and disable the feature as per your choice for the best browser for android. The cloud system in UC Browser gets data from its nearest server; that’s why it makes the loading time very faster.

Many Languages:

400 million users using this means people from different countries. With different languages would be using it. This browser can be use in almost 11 languages. You can enjoy it on all popular OS Android, Blackberry, IOS, Windows, and Symbian.

U-Disk Function:

When if you are downloading anything on UC Browser. If by mistake, you close the browser so the downloading process will keep on going at the back end. If the downloading process becomes disconnected by slow connectivity.

Then it will resume again whenever connection becomes stable. The U disk feature in android UC browser is very helpful. If you want to store some data on your cell phone and you are facing a low space issue, you can use U disk function. It will allow you to store your data in the cloud, and you can save your downloads in cloud storage.

With the help of the Wi-Fi sharing feature of the UC Browser. You can share your download files with other devices, and the transfer becomes easier. No doubt, there are many benefits of this browser. Because this is a free mobile android browser. It made the online browsing much easier with many great built-in features.

You can download Android UC Browser very easy steps. First of all, open your Google play store and write UC Browser there. After that, you will see the UC Browser app in search list click on the App and install it. UC Browser icon will be on your home screen after installation. It is very easy to use, and you have no need to download the setup and run the setup. Install it from your Google play store within some minutes.


1. What is UC Browser for Android?

The browser is using cloud acceleration, and data compressed technology. The purpose of this technology is that the data you download will be compressed. And your phone storage will not be affected. You will never face a problem related to data storage and buffering during watch a clip. The mini version of UC Browser is launched for android cell phones and slow devices. It will only take the most 20 MB space on your cell phone.

2. What is the full form of the UC browser?

The full form of UC Browser is the Universal Control Browser. Developed by the Chinese mobile internet company. It was introduced in the year of 2004 as an application.

3. Is UC Browser a VPN?

UC Browser is also a virtual private network application. It will allow you to connect with other countries with a good level of security. It is very easy in use with a few stages; after that, your internet will be connecting quickly. It is providing the best service, and it is not complex; anyone can use it very without any issue.

4. What are the advantages of Android UC Browser?

Android UC Browser is providing you a very fast and smooth internet surfing, or it is a free mobile browser. It will reduce your data cost, and you will enjoy a speedy web browsing experience.