Download UC browser latest version 2020

UC Browser is introducing as an online application. With the help of UC Browser you can browse anything very smooth. The adapted configuration helps you to adjust about browsing under different network connections. It is like other browser UC Browser will provide you better and fast speed as compared to other browsers.

This browser is using some high features so that no other websites can track your IP address. With the help of UC Browser, you can update with different news all over in the world. And you can say that this app is a global village for you.

Almost 600 million users are using this app. On daily basis with Facebook mode, Instagram mode. And they are sharing their views with their friend. They are sharing videos of formal documents and many more things it is a very fast browser.

Here is a fast browser for your download activities. That makes your downloading very speedy. UC browser is also available on smartphones, and you will like it. Because that browser will not take a long time, and you will not face any kind of issue.

Web pages load faster with up to 90 % of compression quick and speedy interface. UC Browser achieves not only many successes with the version for mobile. But also impressed with the PC version.

UC Browser Night Mode:

UC Browser also has a night mode, so you will feel very comfortable while browsing your data. It will reduce the stress of your eyes, and according to your device clock it will automatic turn on the night mode. You have no need to active night mod by yourself.


The colors combination of this browser theme is not harmful for your eyes. You will feel good during work on this application.It also allows you to use it in all types of platform-based devices. This browser is also allowing you to check your Facebook and Gmail feeds within browsing. You don’t need to leave the app and check your Facebook account. 


UC browser layout

Comparison With Other Browsers:

This web browser is suitable for all devices. There is some built-in news, and informative clips feed in that browser. You will update with different news and information daily. It gives you a very simple and understandable interface. As compared to other browsers like Mozilla. UC browsers offering high features. And it will save your time with quick browsing.


UC Browser is also using low internet MBs as compared to other browsers. This browser is tough competitors for other browsers. And you don’t need to pay anything for this software. This software is available free of cost. So you can download UC Browser for your smartphone for your laptop’s desktop.


It is launched for a low connection. If you have a low internet connection. The UC browser will still provide you a very good internet. And browsing speed without any interruption. UC Browser is also comparable to Google Chrome. Because it is also using the same themes and advance settings.


It will provide you a good result. while watching large videos and movies, and it will try to avoid the buffering. It comes with a unique and efficient download manager. If you want to pause and resume your downloading whenever you want.

Latest Features of UC Browser:


UC Browser comes with a very easy and understandable settings. You can remove and add different extensions. This browser is also providing and built-in VPN. If you want to hide your location from different websites you can use this feature in simple way. In other browsers, this feature is not available. For other browsers, you have to download separate VPN.

The tab management function is very fast and enjoyable. It will allow you to open different tabs. There will be no effect on browsing on the internet with many tabs on this browser. At the same time, this feature also avoids crashes and stuck ads. Every tab will work very smooth way.


There are a ton of browsers themes in UC Browser and wallpapers you can choose anyone for your new tab. Home screen, as you like this browser, also has some built-in games. UC browser is also giving you the option of downloading the themes for your cell phone. Another browser is not giving you can add the theme of UC icon on your home screen and lock screen.

Play Games with week connection:

If you face any connectivity issue, you can spend your time by playing games. In other browsers, user need strong connection for play a game on the browser. But the UC Browser is providing you a great features.

When you use this browser, it will save all information like your searches, your results. Especially your email logins and passwords. This program is one of best at keeping and saving your data up to date across all devices.

Online Security and Safety:

Online security and safety are very important for all browsers. Now UC browser developers are also working on this. They are launching some safety features related to this browser. Thus, in the future, the users will feel safer and secure. Slow internet and slow devices are not a problem with UC Browser. There is also an antivirus with UC browser. So you don’t need to worry about the crashes the antivirus will help you in this matter.


The best feature is that in UC Browser, providing powerful ad-blocking features. With which you can block the different ads that you do not want to see in the future. UC Browser saves more than 70 % of data as compared to other browsers. UC Browser is a light weighted mobile browser as well for your device. That will let you enjoy the fast and uninterrupted streaming.

Cloud Acceleration and Data Compression:

In UC Browser, if you do not want to save your data so you can turn it off . It’s very simple, and no more data will be safe in-browser anymore. Cloud acceleration and data compression technology are available on the UC Browser. This browser also acts as a proxy which compresses the data of web pages. Before sending it to the users this process also helps to load web content faster.

Customized Homepage:

Now UC Browser allows the users to access the contents. And a new customized homepage with a feature called card. The browser can display a widget on its home screen. If you visit on any web daily, UC Browser is giving you access to save that web on your browser home screen. It will save your lot of time, and you do not need to go on that web by browsing.

download uc browser

Home Screen Cards:

You can rearrange your daily web pages on your UC Browser home page as cards. The cloud boost technology makes UC Browsing much faster loading times for users. In UC Browser, you can choose to enable or disable the download update and notifications.

You can also enable the function of automat download again in the case of reconnecting. The download manager also gives you a quick look relates to your free space on your device. UC browser is also giving you an option to download or save any video or clip online at your UC home page.

The most useful feature is the quick access. That allows you to the persistent search bar. As well as quick short cut of your Facebook, newsfeed, messages, and notifications.

UC browser is also supporting some gestures. That is making browsing much faster and easier. It allows one-handed usage, especially on large devices. Users can swipe to the right to go backward or swipe to the left to go forward.

The gestures, as seen in media players. You can also swipe up and down to increase and decrease the volume and brightness. There is a speed mode option in a UC Browser that allows you to choose the light desktop version of sites. It gives you permission to control the amount of data a page consumes and the loading time.

Built In Features

UC browser is also having a built-in function. It relates to fast download any picture or clip from a social media to your cell phone. You can also download any status video if you’re login your what’s app account from the UC browser. This browser makes users feel more interesting. And providing them the best video quality and graphics. The saving video from UC browner you can watch at offline mode as well.

Now UC Browser is also available in the android play store. And you can free download UC Browser from there. If you want to download UC browser for pc let me share some steps. With the help of these steps you can download UC Browser.

First, go on Google and write their free download UC Browser. From there, you can download UC browser set up. After downloading the setup double click on that folder and run the setup. Then click on the install button, and your UC Browser will install you will see the UC Browser icon on your desktop.

If you want to download UC Browser’s latest version, you can do it the easy way. Moreover, the new version offers an option to update your browser. From that option, you can easily update the UC Browser latest version. By downloading the latest version, UC downloading will be very speedy.

Frequently Asked Qustions?
1. Is UC Browser fast?

Yes, off course, UC Browser is a very fast and quick browser as compared to others. The purpose of this browser is to provide fast speed to the end-users. UC Browser is specially launched for slow devices and slow connectivity. If you have a slow connection, you do not need to worry. UC Browser will provide you a good browsing speed without any interruption.

2. Why UC Browser so popular?

UC Browser is a popular web browser because it comes with very good features. In which you can easily block the ads that you don’t want to see, and your browser will work more speed than before. It saves more than 70% of data as compared to other browsers — an efficient browser with great built-in features.

3. What are the benefits of the UC browser?

UC Browser is providing you a smooth web surfing experience it is a free mobile browser you can download it free of cost. The adapted configuration helps you to adjust in your way of browsing under the different network connections with the speedy page loading service.

4. Why is UC Browser so fast?

Mostly the page loading time is depending on the amount of javascript files. Java script takes most of the bandwidth and size. The UC Browser does not download the java scripts, and that thing makes it much faster as compared to other famous browsers.